The history of Karl Klein 1950 Foundation of sole trading company as a metalworking enterprise, contract processing in Esslingen Number of employees: 2, Anneliese and Karl Klein 1955 Start of production of industrial lights, machine confinement lights, safety drum lights for wooden barrels, and hand lamps 1960 Relocation of company headquarters to Aichwald, 8 km away 1965 Start of production of radial fans 1986 Construction of new production buildings for welding shop, metalworking shop, and recasting Introduction of EDP work stations in the technical office Number of employees: 50 1988 Construction of DIN test chamber for measurement of fan performance parameters Introduction of EDP work stations in all departments 1990 Construction of new management and storage buildings 40th anniversary of the company 1992 Introduction of medium-pressure fans with forward curved blades 1995 Extension of assembly hall and development laboratory 1996 First certification of quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001 1997 Introduction of low-pressure and medium-pressure heavy-duty fans with backward curved blades 1998 Transition of management from the Karl Klein family to Managing Director Bernd Scheffel 2000 50th anniversary of the company Number of employees: 68 2002 Construction of new welding shop, tool shop, technical office 2003 ATEX harmonisation in Europe, introduction of zone 21 and zone 22 fans 2006 Introduction of high-pressure fans and boiler fans 2010 Transition of management from Bernd Scheffel to Manfred Griesinger 60th anniversary of the company Number of employees: 64 2011 Purchase of Kamptmann GmbH, Crailsheim, supplier of fan wheels - number of employees: 40 2012 Purchase of APOVENT and APOGUSS radial fan product range from Piller GmbH in Moringen/Lower Saxony, associated with an extension of the product pallet to max. 72,000 m³/h and 20.0 kPa 2014 Purchase of competitor Bluevent Thüringen GmbH in Eisenberg, associated with an extension of the product pallet to max. 650,000 m³/h and pressure differences of up to 25.0 kPa, large plug fans - a medium temperature of up to 650°C . Introduction of two 3D welding robots in Aichwald and Crailsheim 2016 Expansion of production area in Eisenberg, with a second laser cutting machine for a new sheet machining centre Number of employees: 104 01/08/2016 - launch of our new home page 2017 Planned: Restructuring of production location Crailsheim (Kamptmann) through construction of administration and production buildings Expansion of production area in Aichwald